Repair Services

Electrical fittings are subject to more wear and tear than most household fixtures and fittings. It’s especially important not to ignore these problems since you’re dealing with live circuits that are especially hazardous. Any electrical issue is worth having fixed as it may be more dangerous than you think. CFEC Ltd Ltd can help with all your electrical problems and some example issues may include:

  • repairs2Replacing a damaged power point or light switch
  • Replacing the exhaust fan that does not work
  • Fixing the noisy ceiling fan
  • Replacing the light bulb in those hard to reach fittings, even in ovens and on stairwells
  • Replacing broken light fittings
  • Maintaining and repairing all electrical equipment
  • Checking & testing circuit breakers and replacing them where required
  • Lighting repairs (external & internal)
  • Electrical fault finding and repair
  • Smoke detector not working (not including batteries)
  • All other non-urgent repairs