Part P. Electrical safety – Dwellings

For detailed information on Part P, the following files are available for you to download and review and have been put together by HM Government.

The files below are available for your perusal and are in PDF format.

The Approved Document P – Electrical safety – Dwellings documents can be found here: (Click Here) for your use and perusal.  It contains relevant information and free documentation downloadable files that goes into detail on electrical safety at dwellings.

For further information on why you need top use a Competent Person, further information can be found in the attached document: buildingworkleaflet

Summary Information

New rules for electrical safety in the home, the garden and its outbuildings. Part P applies to dwellings (in some cases, buildings that would be exempt but which take their electrical supply from a dwelling). Several government approved competent persons schemes also support Part P.

In summary, reasonable provision must be made in the design, installation, inspection and testing of electrical installations in order to protect persons from fire or injury.

Sufficient information needs to be provided so that persons wishing to operate, maintain or alter an electrical installation can do so with reasonable safety.

Installers who are members of a certified “Competent Persons Scheme” may carry out electrical work without the need to submit a formal building regulations application.

Part P allows electricians to carry out work within your property, which needs to be notified to your local authority. Any electrical work carried out in special locations, kitchens, bathrooms or outside areas, have to notified.